Fire Trax

A Nationwide Wildland Fire Service Provider

Services - Prescribed Fire Services

Contracts & Rates
Prescribed burn contracts and equipment rate structures are tailored to fit the special requirements necessary
for providing a cost-effective prescribed burn program. Contact us today for a free quote!

Prescribed Burn Plans
Fire Trax will implement existing RX burn plans or assist in the complete design and development. Fire Trax encourages and utililizes a coordinated planning approach to ensure local compliance and integration of all jurisdictional agencies and wildland fire cooperators.
Operations & Logistics
Fire Trax is prepared to provide the necessary equipment and experienced qualified personnel or simply provide operational backup crews in support of prescribed burn operations. Fire Trax personnel and equipment always respond prepared for extended operational periods with complete self-contained logistical support and communications.
Equipment & Personnel
Fire Trax personnel and equipment are fully equipped with the latest in personal protective equipment, weather monitoring and field programmable communications. All Fire Trax engines are equipped to deliver metered or CAFS Class "A" foams, specialized structure protection gels, batch mix Cold Fire for protection of fence and power poles, interface structures and outbuildings, valuable timber resources and watersheds.
Insurance & Safety
Prescribed burn projects managed by Fire Trax personnel are insured for Escape Fire Suppression Costs. Fire Trax personnel are covered by workers compensation and professional liability insurance. "Safety the way we work" has become the Fire Trax standard of operation.