Fire Trax

A Nationwide Wildland Fire Service Provider

Services Protection and Suppresion

Structure Protection Operations

Fire Trax provides equipment and qualified personnel on

wildland fire suppression assignments year round.

Fire Trax provides wildland fire structure protection equipment and qualified personnel on nationwide incidents year round. With IA assignment, extended attack and project fire experience, Fire Trax personnel and equipment always respond fully equipped and supplied with the latest innovations in Structure Protection Technology.

Fire Trax engines carry and are equipped to deliver metered or CAFS Class "A" foams, in addition to, specialized structure protection gels and applicators, and batch mixed Cold Fire which provides for longer term protection of fence and power poles, interface structures and outbuildings.

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  Wildfire Operations

  Fire Trax is experienced in nationwide IA incidents, extended attack and project fire incidents.

Our Servies include:

  • Direct Hot Line Suppression
  • Wet Line Construction
  • Dozer Line Support
  • Direct Hand Crew Support
  • Tandum Suppression Operations
  • Low Impact Mop-Up Operations
  • AFFF Heliport Rescue Suppression